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Silver Dollar City

Visit Silver Dollar City theme park where you will step back in time to an 1880's craft village filled with the best crafts, thrill rides, family attractions and festivals in Branson, Missouri.

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Upcoming Events

Moonlight Madness

Jul 19th - Aug 3rd, 2014

National Harvest Festival

Sept 12th - Oct 25th, 2014

An Old Time Christmas

Nov 1st - Dec 30th, 2014

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Hunter's Friend receives literally 1000's upon 1000's of calls each year from new clients who are excited at what we have to offer. Typically, they ask many of the same questions and hopefully we can answer a few of them here for you in advance.


"Do you accept pets?" Easily the most asked question out there. Yes, we are now pet friendly but for a very select few rooms here. As of 2012 we will begin accepting pets for rooms 110, 111, 112, and 114. No other room or condo will be allowed to have a pet in them. Violations for breaking the No Pet policy will be a $250 cleaning fee and you will be asked to leave immediately. For the 4 rooms we have set aside there will be a $25 pet cleaning fee per room. You may not have more than one pet per room and this will be strictly enforced. Back to top


Can we see the lake from our room? Yes and no. Guests staying at the resort cannot see the lake as it is about 300 yards away. Guests at our condos have good to great lakeviews from all units off their balconies. Back to top


What is supplied? This again is a 2 part answer. In the condos, virtually everything is supplied and we do mean everything. You just need to bring food and beach towels. In the resort, it depends on the room. Kitchenettes and our apartments come fully furnished with everything you need as well. Our motel units, while lacking the cooking features of the other rooms do come with mini refrigerators and coffee makers. Back to top


Do you have a pool? Believe it or not, this is a very common question. Yes, we have a pool. In fact, we have 4 of them. 1 for the resort and 1 for each of the condos. Back to top


What's your cancellation policy? Resort guests – 21 days and before full refund minus a $40 fee per reservation. Condo guests – 21 days and before full refund minus 10% of the total per reservation. No refunds for reservations cancelled 20 days and under.


How far are you from Branson and Silver Dollar City? From our resort to the city limits of Branson it is approximately 6 miles. We are 2 miles south of Silver Dollar City


Do you have a marina? Do you rent boat slips? Our resort is next to Indian Point Marina which is a full service marina offering everything from daily boat rentals to gasoline. Indian Point Marina also offers daily slip rental but you should call EARLY to get the reservations in. Hunter's Friend does offer FREE boat slips with 13 of our condos for entire year.


Do you have non-smoking rooms? Yes we do. 29 of our 33 units are designated non-smoking, both at the resort and the condos. Let us know when you call to reserve if you would prefer a non smoking room.


Are your rooms handicap accessible? Our resort and condo is not designated as handicap accessible, but they are customer friendly. Here on Indian Point, virtually the entire peninsula is hilly and steep. Hunter's Friend is built on level ground with easy access into the rooms. Guests who have difficulty with hills and steep stairs will be relieved to learn they can access their rooms easily. Of the condos that we have Rockwoods 13, 14, 23, 24 and 34 are all handicap accessible. Back to top


Do you sell Silver Dollar City tickets? Yes we do. We also offer package deals for Silver Dollar City to go along with our rooms making the process that much easier.


How many people will your resort hold? We hear this question quite often from folks who have been put in the lead role of planning a family reunion. At the resort we can hold up to 78 people. In the condos, we can take another 100+ people easily. If your group is larger than 200, we can help you organize that with additional nearby lodging choices as well. Back to top