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Silver Dollar City

Visit Silver Dollar City theme park where you will step back in time to an 1880's craft village filled with the best crafts, thrill rides, family attractions and festivals in Branson, Missouri.

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Upcoming Events

Moonlight Madness

Jul 19th - Aug 3rd, 2014

National Harvest Festival

Sept 12th - Oct 25th, 2014

An Old Time Christmas

Nov 1st - Dec 30th, 2014

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Get the commission!

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Here’s a great opportunity for you to cut your vacation costs while at the same time helping us to get the word out about our little place here in the Ozarks.

All resorts have at one time or another worked with a travel agent for bookings and we are no exception. Then we thought “What if we were to bring our customers into the fold and give them a chance to get the commissions themselves instead?” In other words, we cut out the middleman and pass the savings right on to you. Sounds pretty good so far doesn’t it?

Here’s how it works:

  • Tell your friends – Simply refer someone to our resort for a new reservation.
  • Let us know – From your existing reservation we will deduct 10% of your referrals total. Here’s an example: Let’s say your existing reservation currently has a grand total of $500. Your friend books the same package as yours and also has a grand total of $500. We will deduct $50 from your grand total leaving you with a balance of $450. Additional examples and info are located below.
  • Network – The more people that you refer, the greater your savings. You could literally stay free on vacation from your referrals. So get busy with it and grab your savings!

Some ideas for referrals:

  • Family reunions – If you are the organizer of the reunion, why shouldn’t you get the savings as well?
  • Corporate retreats – Companies love to reward their employees with mini getaways and you would gain savings from referring a group to us.
  • Church retreats – Another large group we commonly handle are church retreats. Let your church know of our promotion to help maximize your travel budget!
  • Best Friends – Hands down our largest gatherings come in the way of friends getting together on vacation. So tell your friends and help to keep your costs down. Come to Indian Point and make these YOUR best memories!

Terms and conditions:
Your referral’s reservation must be finished on or before your reservation. This helps to eliminate conflicts with late cancellations and changes to existing reservations. Your referral must let us know at the time of reservation your name and address so we can apply your savings immediately. Your discount and an updated total will be e-mailed to you within 30 minutes of your referral’s reservation. If you do not receive this in a timely manner – call us at 800 338 2842 and let us know.

If your referral cancels or modifies their reservation by adding or subtracting days, your discount will be altered likewise and a new e-mail will be sent to you once changes have been posted.

All savings applied can be for mix and match reservations. In other words, you do not have to be in similar units or even equal days. The savings is strictly related to your referrals reservation and nothing more.

This promotion is not valid with any other promotion we currently have or may offer in the future. Hunter’s Friend reserves all rights with this promotion and may elect at anytime to halt or alter it at their discretion.

A. Your Reservation = $1500
B. Your Referrals Reservation = $1200
C. Your immediately applied savings and new balance = $1,380 ($120 referral savings)

Example #2
A. Your Reservation = $500
B. Your Referrals Reservation = $2000
C. Your immediately applied savings and new balance = $300 ($200 referral savings)