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Silver Dollar City

Visit Silver Dollar City theme park where you will step back in time to an 1880's craft village filled with the best crafts, thrill rides, family attractions and festivals in Branson, Missouri.

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Upcoming Events

Moonlight Madness

Jul 19th - Aug 3rd, 2014

National Harvest Festival

Sept 12th - Oct 25th, 2014

An Old Time Christmas

Nov 1st - Dec 30th, 2014

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New Ride At Silver Dollar City

Call Now! 800-338-2842

New Ride at Silver Dollar City for 2013. This wooden roller coaster will feature 3 inversion turns, the steepest drop and blazing speeds approaching 68 miles per hour. The new ride at Silver Dollar City is an ambitious undertaking years in the making. Setting out to truly capture what the riders wanted while creating something truly unique – Outlaw Run was born. With an initial investment of $10,000,000 this would be the most anticipated unveiling ever for guests of Silver Dollar City.

Here are some of the facts on Silver Dollar City's new ride:

  • HUGE! – Spanning 2,937 feet, Outlaw Run is over a half mile long.
  • STEEP! – With an 81 degree drop it will become the world's steepest drop on a wooden coaster
  • TWISTY! – Again going for the world record, Outlaw Run will become the only wooden coaster in the world to invert you. Not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES!. With a double barrel roll and a 153 degree roll thrown in for good measure.
  • SPEED! – Outlaw Run will become the 2nd fastest wooden coaster in the world the day it opens, achieving a mind boggling 68 MPH!
  • HANGTIME! – You know that sick feeling you get when you hit weightlessness? At 9 different points on a single ride you will experience this.


And what would Silver Dollar City be without the other rides and festivals?

  • Great Rides – If the weather is good, count on all day rides. Click here for information about their park operating hours.
  • Great Food – Numerous restaurants are located throughout Silver Dollar City with table fare to last you a lifetime.
  • Great Fun – Between the lights, food, rides and shows Silver Dollar City is guaranteed to be great fun for all.


The room was VERY clean, the service was excellent and the amenities were wonderful. My whole family (kids and all) enjoyed our time there and plan on making another trip this year! I give it a THUMBS UP!
Andalusia, Illinois