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Silver Dollar City

Visit Silver Dollar City theme park where you will step back in time to an 1880's craft village filled with the best crafts, thrill rides, family attractions and festivals in Branson, Missouri.

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Upcoming Events

Moonlight Madness

Jul 19th - Aug 3rd, 2014

National Harvest Festival

Sept 12th - Oct 25th, 2014

An Old Time Christmas

Nov 1st - Dec 30th, 2014

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Smoke Free 2013

Call Now! 800-338-2842

My history with cigarettes

Many of you have stayed with us over the years and know me to be a wicked smoker. 2 packs a day were absolute, with many days 3 and if the conditions were right even 4. Cigarettes accompanied me through every single aspect of my life. Graduation from basic training (in my front pocket). PT with the Army (carried 3 cigs and a lighter in my hardpack tucked away in my socks) My wedding, before the birth of my daughters and then immediately afterwards. I would even go so far as to say they played a role in us leaving our jobs in California and moving to smoker friendly Missouri. Hooked, addicted, hopeless, and jonesin’ would perfectly describe my 32 year love affair with Marlboro Reds. Then in April 2012 I lost my Father in Law to lung cancer. He was the greatest Father in Law a person could ask for and he lost his life to an awful disease. By July 2012 I made the decision to quit again and turned to a community forum (E-cigarette-forum.com) for help. It was the best decision I ever made healthwise.

Tackling A Lifelong Addiction

I don’t consider myself a stupid person so I am well aware of the dangers of smoking. Emphysema, bronchitis, cancer, high blood pressure, etc. were all well known to me – even back in the 80s. But, the fact remained, I liked smoking. In fact, I would go so far as to say I adored relaxing with a cigarette in a bar, fishing, hunting, you name it. Smoking was a great pastime for me and accompanied me on every aspect of my life. I am sure if I didn’t quit, it would have even been there with me on my deathbed.

Still, I did try to quit – honestly. I tried Wellbutrin, nicotine patches, chewing tobacco, nicotine gum, Chantix, even hypnosis. Like so many millions of other people before me, these did nothing for me and in some cases would cause me to smoke more than I did when I quit them. Frustrated, my Dr. even went so far as to tell me one day he didn’t care if I used Chantix, snuff and nicotine patches all at the same time – :D whatever it took to get me off of them.

The eCig and my salvation

Then in 2009 a friend demonstrated a new device he was using called an “eCig”. Similar in size, shape and feel to a standard cigarette, using only steam and nicotine, these were clearly intended to simulate smoking without the dangerous chemicals put into real cigarettes. But, they weren’t without their own unique problems. Small batteries, tiny resevoirs, EXPENSIVE, and hardly any information at the time. I tried kits from the mall kiosks, mail order, and even eBay. All were frustrating and left me heading right back to cigarettes. (In truth, I was probably looking for a way to get back to them anyway)

eGo Twists and ECF Forum

And so it came to be in July, 2012 I decided I had had enough and turned to the great people at ECF. I learned many things I didn’t know (variable voltage batteries) – confirmed many of the things I had suspected (nicotine strength too low) – and made some great friends along the way. It was not immediately smooth sailing, I will admit that right up front. But, rather than beating the crap out of myself for having a cigarette now and then, it became more of a “congratulate yourself for the cigarette you are not smoking right now” while I vaped (the term for “smoking” with an eCig). Slowly, it began to take hold. Instead of a solid 40 cigarettes a day, it became 39, then 38. Soon I was down to 30. Eventually I hit the milestone (at least for me anyways) of going a solid 24 hours on only 1 pack of cigarettes. I almost had to go back to the days of me being a teenager to remember the last time I only smoked a pack a day. Then I finally came to December 5th, 2012. I was able to comfortably go 3 days without a cigarette and really didn’t give it a thought. For someone like myself – it is incredible. Literally a day I never expected to see.

Spreading the hope and doing my part

I am not a crusader by any means nor an expert either. What I am is a fellow commiserator. Someone who wants to do what he can to help you, your friend, someone in your family perhaps with a system that worked for him. I am someone who has been there and done that and understands what it is like to struggle with kicking the habit and here is what I can offer. Starting March 14th, 2013 throughout all of 2013 we will offer an eGo Twist 650 mA system complete with a atomizer (the part that holds the nicotine juice) and a charger along with a 5 ml bottle of eJuice to any customer who stays with us and would like one. There are no gimmicks, no tricks, no timeshares – nothing. Just a simple desire to help others kick a dangerous habit hopefully. This offer is valid whether you stay in one of our motel style units or a lakefront condo. The offer is limited to 1 per reservation and you must tell us at the time of reservation if you will want one of these kits. We want to make sure we have supply on hand and that no one is denied. Again, we cannot stress this enough.

Want to learn more? Join us for Smoke Free 2013 March 14th – 17th

Our resort reopens March 14th and we want to get this year off to a rousing great start by throwing a party. Complete with vendors, instructors, and support to help you become Smoke Free in 2013.

  • Meet and Greet Pizza buffet the first night $7 a person
  • A class on eCig jargon. (Trust me, this is the most important part. Hard to enjoy if you don’t understand anything)
  • A free eGo Twist for every reservation with Hunter’s Friend – one per reservation
  • Every guest will be entered for a chance to win a Provari to be given as a grand prize on the 17th of March
  • Call us at 800 338 2842 to make reservations for what is sure to be one of the most interesting gatherings we have ever hosted here at Hunter’s Friend.
    And for all of our friends and family – God bless in the new year.
    Sincerely, Mike and Handan Kugler